Kelela's Photo Gallery: Blog en-us (C) Kelela's Photo Gallery (Kelela's Photo Gallery) Thu, 01 Jan 2015 05:18:00 GMT Thu, 01 Jan 2015 05:18:00 GMT Kelela's Photo Gallery: Blog 120 120 Looking Back at 2014 As we head into 2015, just thought I'd share some of the faces of 2014 that I was lucky to get in front of my camera.  Enjoy this re-cap of the fantastic year I had.  Looking forward to the new year with inspiration and creative energy leading the way.  Thank you all who participated in many of my projects as well as my amazing clients who trusted me to capture important events in their lives.  Happy New Year everyone!

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS Featured Model:  Heather Chez


'Twas the week before Christmas...

We are taking a break
To spend with our families
Some memories to make

But we’ll return soon
To get ready to start
The New Year just right
With a Valentine's Heart!

See you soon…in front of the camera!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season to All
And to All a Good Night.


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PREPARE YOURSELF NOW TO LOOK BACK CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa Acevedo who just celebrated her curves!

I recently had the privilege of working with makeup artist/hair stylist, Christina Laguatan as she provided services for our client, Melissa, a wife and mother of 3.  Melissa, excited to spend the day experiencing her 1st boudoir session, has a young spirit and wonderful outlook on life.  Part of our conversation during hair & makeup, was the importance of having a professional capture moments for us to celebrate our very own existence.  If you've never experienced a boudoir or glamour photo session, let me encourage you to be a part of something special, feeling pampered and realizing that you are truly some kind of beautiful.   


Sure, anyone can hold up a cell phone camera or a point and shoot automatic camera and even a semi-pro camera to take your pictures.  However, if the person capturing these moments does not understand the curves of a woman, angles, light, composition and how to accomplish expression, it is really not the same as allowing a professional to capture what you just don't see or even realize.


I get it.  Some say hiring a photographer is a luxury.  Sure, nobody really "needs" it, but there are those who realize the importance of it and would beg to differ because it's needing the experience of being vulnerable in front of the camera and trusting the connection you have with your own self.  Women have lots of emotions.  A huge part of each of us struggles to find our beauty.  You can stare in the mirror for a very long time to find the essence of you, but I offer you this. Allow my team to present another side of "you" - the outer beauty that you struggle to see as you move about your day and deal with the elements of your life feeling worn out, exhausted and desiring to feel confident and gorgeous.  Indulge in the glamour!  If you do, I promise you, you will feel like a million bucks not only outside, but inside, and you will certainly look back many years from that moment and have a positive reminder of how beautiful you really are!

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IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA Today’s blog features a lovely lady who began modeling for me when I first began to take the art of photography seriously.  I have had her twisting and turning, hiking, climbing trees and sitting on surfaces that are so uncomfortable that I knew she wanted to scream in lieu of cussing me out.  I have even had strange men all up in her face (but I think at the time, it was more of a perk).  She’s truly contributed to my growth as a photographer and not only is she a good sport, but a gorgeous person both inside and out.  I asked her to share her experiences in front of the camera and here is what she had to say:


Confidence is Sexy…

I learned this through fear of my own insecurities. Embracing my flaws has been an ongoing challenge/triumph. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship with myself. “Modeling” has helped me to appreciate and to focus on my gifts rather than my flaws.

Going back to my boudoir shoot; I was nervous on different levels. Having seen the work of Kelela, the photographer, I wanted to do my best to compliment her production. I also wanted to look and feel confident so that it would come through in the photographs. She had a make-up artist, hairstylist, and assistant ready to work and doll me up!  It really felt like “Old Hollywood” during the shoot. I was on top of the world at that moment; a feeling that I think every woman should have in her lifetime. Kelela was very organized and guided me through the session. She would give me posing direction and I’d get into character. I’m no professional, but she brought something out of me that I didn’t even know I had.

After viewing the shots, I was very happy with the work of the whole team and still couldn’t believe that was me I was looking at! She ordered me a hard cover book of my best shots for my husband. Need I say that he loved it!? I’ll never forget this experience and would recommend it to any woman wanting to feel beautiful and sexy.


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NEW DEFINITIONS I have an adorable friend who knows that I shoot with a Nikon and apparently she thinks I drive one.  After a good round of “huh?”, “what are you talking about?”- I get it; instead of a Toyota, she thought I owned a “Neekon”.  It was so ridiculous (awesome), that it just sort’a stuck. 

Today we encounter hybrid chatter and acronym hurling, but it all works out.  We communicate, we are confused, we break the code, and we finally get it. 

There are specific words that just work when guiding my subject in a photo session.  Seems I’ve developed my own dictionary.  I replace words and their meaning and tweak them further.  It’s similar to Meghan Trainor’s adorable song All About That Bass (referencing bottom heavy girls) …with lyrics “no treble” (referencing top heavy girls).  I try to keep it simple so if I ever have an opportunity to photograph you, I might ask that you “kick out your Beyonce” or “move your cupcakes” all to keep you on your toes.  If I need a specific facial expression, I might ask you to give me Saucy, Sassy and throw in a “meow” or two. It's all in fun and I find that it relaxes my subject.

So bootie, boom-boom, bottom, top, junk, and bat your feathers…it all works.  (I hope I did not throw you off).

Remember, when I travel to your location shoot, I am the one driving the black Neekon.

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EMBRACE YOUR AGE If you haven't heard, The Boudoir Marathon kicks off soon!  Let us know if you are interested and more information will be sent your way.


WHAT IS IN A NUMBER?  It is a wonderful gift that I have made it to here.  Today I am another day old.   I don't feel that I am, and my friends look at me in disbelief, but I am definitely "there" (or is it "here").  One of my thoughts to start off my day was, should I challenge myself to a boudoir shoot?  If I can get say, 10 responses saying YES DO IT , then I will be happy to oblige, AND I will even 'fess up as to how many years I've had the pleasure of being on this earth and living my wonderful life. 


I recently received an email from a woman who said she was in her 60's and boudoir was not the type of thing she would ever do because of her age.  Totally understand.  To women who feel this way, let's go for a Glamour session.  You will be surprised how beautiful you feel once you see your photos, whether it be Glamour or Boudoir.  As the years go by and you look back at your images, you will be so happy and thankful that you took the time to indulge. Trust me, you will embrace your age once you see your photos.


As a photographer who loves shooting portraiture, knowing how to angle my subject is key.  Everyone with all their different curves and various bone structure has a best angle from the camera view. The camera sees things differently than the human eye.  Which is why during your photo session, I will give you posing instruction to find the most perfect angle and flattering image of you regardless of your age (or anything else for that matter).  There's nothing more rewarding than my client telling me how much fun she had at her session and how much she loves her photos!  Now, THAT is a wonderful gift, and it doesn't even have to be my birthday.

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BOUDOIR INSPIRATION If you haven't heard, The Boudoir Marathon kicks off soon!

Why go through the effort of taking time out of your day to sit through hair and make-up application and slip into something alluring?   Who or what is the inspiration?  I have been given the honor of capturing many beautiful women who all have a different story and reason to have a boudoir photo session. 

Sometimes, it’s the memory of that wedding day when the bride gives her groom a memory album as a wedding gift so he’ll never forget how beautiful she was the day he married her. 

Perhaps, it’s weight loss.  That “before” and “after” shot to remember that emotional journey in reaching that challenging goal and wanting to celebrate new curves.    

There are women who embrace their Plus Size curves, who are proud of who they are.  It is so amazing to know that someone loves and appreciates their beautiful existence. 

Some of us just want validation that we are beautiful outside as much as we are on the inside.

I am reminded of the character Joey in an episode of Friends where he claims he can make “anything sound sexy”.  An example was his version of “grandma’s chicken soup”.   A mellow, slow romantic tone, a steamy seductive look, a mischievous smile with that slight lift of the eyebrow, and you’ve accomplished amazing chicken soup. 

Whatever the reason, whatever your inspiration, it is my job to capture the essence of you.  Each angle I shoot, every slight move with an alluring smile or that serious aloof pose, will bring out many different sides of who you are.  As women, we go through so much throughout our lives.  We try to remain strong, yet feminine.   A boudoir session sometimes reveals our inner-self.  Find your inspiration and celebrate your curves; celebrate who you are.  Indulge because you deserve it.

… and yes, if your inspiration is chicken soup, bring it to the session.


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The Boudoir Marathon Reserve Your Session!  Your Images Will Be Ready In Time for Christmas!

Hey there!  My team has launched a promotion on an exciting event for all boudoir clients to participate in.  The Boudoir Marathon provides an amazing way for only a lucky few to take advantage of an upscale photography service at HALF the normal fee.  TBM will take place in an amazing hotel suite where you will be pampered by a professional makeup artist who will provide basic hair & makeup services.  You will then begin your photo session and be guided through the posing process.  Be ready to celebrate your curves, ladies! 

TBM kicks off approximately mid-November in a neighboring city, but you must first fill out the form by clicking here:  Reserve My Session    Please enter and send us your contact information letting us know that you are ready to participate and reserve your photo session.   You should be available and willing to travel to a boudoir marathon event taking place at any location in the following areas:  Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside or the Inland Empire.  When we receive your message, you will receive your reservation confirmation as well as updated details as they develop.

And, there’s more…


Once you reserve your session, you will be entered to participate in a contest to win a standard soft cover 8x8 photo album with all best images from your photo session.  A Perfect Gift for that Special Someone!

Check us out at Facebook:


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Harley Session Yikes!  It is upward of 104 degrees today; a perfect day to stay indoors where it's cool and comfortable.  But, did I do that?  No. 

First stop, met a new hair & makeup artist.  Uh, #beautiful #creative !!!  You will be seeing her work soon.  We have our first editorial shoot coming up next.  As a result of our meeting, please check out my new Facebook promo called The Boudoir Marathon.  Happy searching!

Second stop, onward to the Monster Motorcycle & Car Show to meet some friends.  Walked around and saw some awesome rides. There was live music and vendors celebrating the Latino culture. I was, once again, in photography heaven.

Where am I going with all this?  I'm planning a future shoot with my first Plus Size model.  Pin-up with a classic car?  I thought, not.  Let's go edgy...let's add a Harley and throw her in a moto jacket, cut-up jeans, stilettos with edgy hair & make-up.  Yep; I like it!  Stay tuned!



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Building this site  

This is my 1st Blog.  Hallelujah.  Building a website is grueling and is more difficult than photography!  Please excuse any glitches you come across. 

In short:

I had a maternity shoot scheduled yesterday, but found out my model is in labor. I was told she would be in her 8th month at the time of the booking, but she is full term. She obviously canceled, and that's a good thing, because I don't deliver babies.  Note to all my maternity clients, let's schedule your shoot between 7-8 months!

Next, I've scheduled a car shoot for an editorial publication.  Nothing creative here.  Just capturing overall details around the car. I will have my loyal assistant, Chris, join me to light a beautiful classic car to perfection.

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, tips, tricks, suggestions, your ssn and bank account balance (J/K!) or just say "HEY!"  Thanks for dropping by.





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